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Best of 2016: My full list of the music of 2016

In 2016, we lost some of music's biggest icons, legendary musicians and unsung heroes but in the aftermath, 2016 spawned some great releases from many rising stars on the music scene as well as some fans favorites of the 21st century. Many writers and reputable sites tend to narrow their lists to Top 10 or 20 and, in some cases, 50 albums of the year. But for me, with so many great projects throughout so many genres and sub genres, so many would go unnoticed, overlooked and forgotten about if we just focus on those few. The whole point of my list is to expose all of the greatness that the calender year produced by inviting my subscribers a look into my library of music that had my attention released within that year. Without further ado, I present my photo album of my picks of The Best Albums & EP's of 2016. You'll find soul / r&b, funk, jazz (straight ahead, fusion, spiritual), Brazilian, Afro Cuban, afrobeat, electronic , house and more. Click on each album cover to be taken to the artists websites, bandcamp and itunes pages for listening and purchase.

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