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Whaddup subscribers. It's been quite a busy first half of 2017 in SOUNDROTATION headquarters. I've been curating events, created a lecture series, DJ gigs and more which left me with little time to blog. 2017 has also been crackin' with great music releases, especially in the progressive soul and jazz areas. There's been so much diversity within those genres. A lot of great artists who seem to be breathing new life into black music as a whole, and from all over the world. I mean on the west coast scene alone there has been blazin' solo releases from several members of the band The Internet, and the West Coast Get Down camp. It's been a great year thus far. Here's a list of 16 releases from the first half of 2017 that has my ear at the moment. Soul, funk, alternative, classic jazz, Afro Cuban, African jazz and more. Narrowing it to 16 was hard because there is definitely more. Click on each title to listen and purchase.

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